Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Corregidor is a small island at the mouth of Manila Bay. After WWI, the Americans fortified it heavenly. Japan attacked the Philippines the day after Pearl Harbor. Corregidor was bombed first by the Japanese, and then by the Americans during the liberation of the Philippines. We can see the coastline of Bataan from the island. A lot of history is represented here on Corregidor.

There were 23 big gun instillations Corregidor. We did not visit them all.

General MacArthur had his headquarters here at Corregidor for a while. He seems to be deeply respected here in the Philippines.

Look at the size of the bullet that is fired from some of the guns here.

An American helping a Filipino soldier. They fought together during the war. Many Filipinos died here.

This is the spot where General Wainwright surrendered. The sun will fall on the table perfectly on the day and hour this surrender was signed. These soldiers would now face the Bataan death march. 

The Japanese lost a lot of people on this island as well. There are memorials set up on the island for those men as well.

Many escaped the bombing in this tunnel. The President of the Philippines was here for safety for a while.

The skyline of Manila on the boat trip back.