Friday, July 24, 2015

Manila American Cemetery 7-18-2015

Mi This last Saturday, Sister Petersen and I had an opertunity to go to the Manila Temple with some of the members of the Molino 1st Ward. The ward hired a Jeepney. Sister Petersen and I drove our car. The only way I can ride in a Jeepney is to first remove my head. I just do not fit in a Jeepney.

I love this Temple. It is a lot smaller than the Las Vegas Temple, but going there is a wonderful experience. On this Saturday, the building was full of people, the yard was full of people. Some of them had to wait for more than 4 hours for a chance to go to a session. 
I also love the Filipino style temple shirt. I brought my temple shirt with me, but I would rather rent one of theirs. A very beautiful long sleeve shirt. It is not tucked in. And no tie. Yes folks no tie. And to my surprise, they don't go to hell for not wearing a tie, neither does deing tieless hamper the Spirit that is in this wonderful Temple. I think th Filipinos have got it right.

After ours Temple session we traveled to the Manila American Cemetery and Momorial. We have wanted to come here ever since we have been here in the Pholippines. I must say, I was not expecting the flood of emotions that hit us as soon as we drove through the gate. Humbling.

The walls are covered with the names of those who were lost in the war, but who were never found. American and Filipino people who lost their lives in this great struggle. 

Each of these grave markers represent a life cut shout. They had families and they had dreams, but they were willing to put all that on the line for their country. I am grateful that there were men willing to step forward when our country needed them. We owe a lot to them. I know that. Maybe that is why we felt the flood of emotions we did when we arrived at this place. I am grateful to them. 
There are those today who would belittle, and even ridicule the sacrifice of those who are here, I am not one of them. I remember what they did and why they did it. I remember.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Visit to Intramuros on 6-20-2015

This country is rich in history. Some of that history has included foreign occupation. The Spanish occupied the Philippines starting in the 1500's. The Philippines was named after King Philip II of Spain. Before that the rulers were Tagalog chieftains. Intramuros was built by the Spanish as a protection against pirates and other imperial nations. Intramuros means "within the wall, or walled city", or something like that. The British invaded in 1762, and they ruled for about 200 years before they gave the country back to Spain. Then the Americans after the Spanish-American war. The Japanese occupied the Philippines for 3 years during WWII.
Intramuros was almost completely distorted during the American liberation of the Philippines. The Filipino government started restoring Intremuros beginning in 1979. 

The following are random pictures of our side trip to Intramuros, which later grew into Manila.

I love the Filipino flag. I bought a small one for our apartment.

I feel Sorry for this horse. This horse earned his oats today.

This is a section of the original street of Intramuros.

Bamboo bike anyone?

Elder and Sister Rigby. A wonderful couple. They are home now. Love these guys.

One of many street vendors. Where ever there is room to make a peco, there are people trying to do so.

This church is over 400 years old. The following are pictures of it.

This is part of what is left of the wall. We were told that General MacArthur had his headquarters here during the war.

Nature's curtains. 

Notice the windows. Very small sections that look like glass, but are made from seashells.

This is what a traditional Tagalog hut would look like. One of our Polynesian Elders told us that this hut resembled their ancestor's huts. 

This little guy is to little to control this thing. He was frozen at high speed and about to run into the back of our buggy. The guy to the right who is smiling ran up and stopped him right befor impact. I love these Fuilipinos.