Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Transfer day 9-9-2015

22 missionaries going home and 20 missionaries coming in to the mission, plus lots and lots of missionaries moving to different areas. Sister Petersen and I spend a big portion of our time preparing for transfer day.

It is becoming harder and harder to see these kids go home. We are getting to know them and love them. Tears were shed. 

Departing missionaries.

Arriving missionaries.

Their clothes look new, they are excited and a little nervous. But they will grow into something very special. I know from my own experience that they will grow more here on their missions than they will in any equal time period of their life. This is the best preparatory school for life that is available.

Every missionary has a story to tell about their family, about there service in their missions or about their personal growth because of their missions. The following are just some small glimpses into some of those stories.

This is Sister Batingal (left) and Sister Lacsamana (right). Both are from the Philippines.
Sister Lacsamana is going home this transfer. Sister Batingal is going home next transfer. They have served together as Sister Training Leaders. 
Both are from strong LDS families. Sister Lacsamana is 1 of 11 children in her family. She is the number 4 child and she is the 4th in her family to serve a mission. She told us that her sister, number 5 child has received her mission call and will go out soon.
Sister Batingal is the 8th of 12 children in her family. She is the 7th to serve a mission.
The number of missionaries serving from the Philippines as doubled since the missionary age change. These young people will go back home after their service and be a strength to their Wards and Branches.

This is Elder Haufano. He is leaving today. He is one of the Assistants to the President. He is a very special person.
He is half Samoan and half Tongan, and he lives in New Zealand. I believe this young man will do very well in life.

This is Elder To'o. He is Samoan, and is also from New Zealand. This is a very fun guy to be around.

This is Elder Leaupepetetele. He is from Samoa. He told us that his parents were the very first to be sealed in the Samoan Temple. So if you are Samoan, the logical thing to do would be to name your child after this experience. Therefore, this is Elder Temple  Leaupepetele. He told us that his name, Temple, has brought about a lot of chances to talk about the Church.

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