Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Arrived. 1/27/2015

Well it took 36 hours of flights or layovers, but we are here. We are not quite sure what is in store for us tomorrow except that we will be picked up at 6:30am. Hello jet lag my old friend. We need Philippine drivers liences. (This could prove to be interestingly) We had our first taste of Filipino traffic to night. Our driver gave us Philippine driver's lessons. #1 Always fill in the blanks. (Empty spaces in traffic)  #2 busses have the right of way. (They are the biggest on the road) Staying in lanes and traffic signs are only suggestions. And last but not least Phillippino freedom is to be found on roads ans highways. No government oppression, you know, like wanting people to follow the traffic laws.
I tried to post during our journey, but I could not get my entries to stick.
President Ty was at the airport when we artived, but not to meet us. Some of his family was on the same flights we were on. But we were glad he was there. We had a little disconnect with our pick-up. He fixed it in short order.
Now for 5 hours of sleep. 

In Tokyo. I could not get the check in thing to work there or in Manila. So this is my proof we were there.

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  1. How exciting! I have been checking my email all day waiting for an update! Glad you arrived safely. Hope you don't have a heart attach driving in here. Perhaps my mom should drive.... She was born for this kind of driving. 😂