Saturday, January 24, 2015

Time at the MTC almost done 1/24/2015

We feel like we are back in high school. Hundreds and hundreds of 18 and 19 year old kids running all over the place. The difference is that these kid are very well behaved. They are also full of life. I love it.  The future of the kingdom is looking really bright to me right now.
We are leaving for the airport Monday morning at 3am. Yes 3am. We are almost ready to go. Bags packed and weighted. We are looking at 20 hours oh flight time. We will go to Seattle first, then to Tokyo, the on to Manila in the Philippines. So excited. So ready to go.
We found two people he are decendants of Niels Petersen. One through James Petersen and one through Mary Ann Petersen. There may have been others. These are the only ones we ran across.

I have their information written down, but it's packed. The one on my left I called Sister Cuz.

This is out District here in the MTC. Was a fun group.

We got some mail from some cute little grand kids while we were here in th MTC. Thank you Reber kids. Love you.

Love you all.
From Lolo o Lola Petersen (Grandpa and Grandma)

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