Friday, May 22, 2015

The Pico de Loro hike 5-23-2015

We have been working hard to keep up with the things we do. We finally got a P-day with nothing going on. We had heard about this hike from lots of people, including some of the missionaries. Now it was our chance to go and do it. 
Pico de Loro is a mountain, or mountain area. We did not get to the end of the trail. It was a little more that our capabilities would allow. But the following are some photos of where we wanted to end up. No that is not us on top.

This is an old volcano core. You can see the size by the people standing on top. 

I have posted a lot of photos of trees. This is a forest like we have never seen before. The trees were very different from what we know. Loved it. These photos do not do it justice. This is an awesome forest. 

Look at the vines on the and in the trees. 

This is a very tired Sister Petersen towards the end of our hike.

We are still in the dry season. Not a lot of water flowing. That will change real soon.

All of the people we met were willing to visit with us. The Filipinos are a very polite and friendly people. I love being around them. These guys needed the rest as bad as I did.

I love the Philippines.

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