Friday, May 1, 2015

Day old service 5-1-2015

Saturday, Apeil 25, 2015, was a National Day of Service that the government of the Philippines was promoting. The Molino 2nd Ward organized a service project through the Molino Berangy to paint curbs along some of the city streets. Sister Petersen and I were invited to be there, so we were.
Here are some of the photos that Sister Petersen took. The shirts are the "Mormon Helping Hands" shirts. Glad to be a part of all of this.

These are wonderful people. Sister Petersen set her timer on her camera  and ran to get in the picture. I didn't know she still could run.

Fun working together.

I tried to squat like these guys, but my body was having none of it.

I wanted one of the cool pointed hats to, but when I tried one on, I had too much head sticking out all sides of the hat.  No fun having a big head.

I painted the first few hours, then graduated to a broom. It's easier to lean on a broom than it is a paint brush.

Boys will be boys, and missionaries will be missionaries.

Not sure this was in the Berangy master plan.

One of these missionaries got in a paint fight with some of the ward kids. Can you guess which one?

If you guessed Elder Reyes, you were right. I think he lost the fight.

Perfect way to end the National Day of Service. A baptism.

Sometimes Sister Petersen becomes Dr. Petersen. This is a basketball injury. 

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