Saturday, April 25, 2015

An evening Walk. 4-17-2015

Sister Petersen and I went for an evening walk the other night. The photos are of thing we came across while on this walk.
Kids play in the street here. It is a little hard to tell, but these kids are playing marbels. In the evening, the kids gather together on the street in front of their houses and have fun. It reminds me of my childhood before TV hit town. Sister P had to stop and watch for awhile.

This is the Senior Center here in Molino. In the front yard. We are becoming friends with these guys. They have time to stop and talk with us. They know English quite well. I think we will be spending some time here.

Basketball is really big here in the Philippines. I can understand that. We have several courts like this one within walking distance of our apartment. The courts are covered with no walls. It is actually quite nice under the roof. Even on the hottest day, once you get out of the sun, it's not bad. This is an organized league playing right now, with uniforms and refs and an announcer on a loud speaker. I would have liked to stop and watch, but grandma had other ideas. Well we were out for a walk and not a set down. I'll be back.

We found our way to the local palengke (market). We have been here before, but did not take any photos. So here is our palengke.

The eggs are not a refrigerated item here. Even the big stores have them out on a dry storage shelf. We have learned by now that when buying eggs, the buyer beware. I grew up around eggs all of my like, so I already knew that eggs could be kept this way. But in our quest in the U.S. for perfect food, we have gone way beyond what is necessary. We could learn some reality from the Philippinos.

I had no idea there were so many different kinds of rice. This is even one of the smaller stores. Rice is king here and I couldn't be happier. I have grown to love rice even before coming here. We haven't tried all of this yet, but we are on course.

Open air vegetable stands. We know we need to exercise some care here. Fruits and vegetables need to be cleaned. There are things on them that our systems are not used to. But I love looking for things we have never seen before. 

We bought mangos and corn at this stand. We ran into the woman setting in front a few days later. She remembered us and we had a great visit with her. She is a good person, and a new friend. And the mangos were great.

On to the fish and meat sections. OK, I will admit, Sister P went in alone. I am still adjusting to the smell of open air meats. She will ask people if she can take their pictiure. Most say yes and will even ham it up some. For the most part, they are fun loving. Notice, one man hams it up while the other one hides.

Squid anyone?

He is armed for flies. 

This man is on the street in front of a meat market cooking the inventory. Notice, he put his hand in his apron like Napoleon when asked if we could take his photo. I wanted to taste his wares, but it's bawal for the missionaries to get food from street vendors.

This good woman is pealing hard boiled quail eggs. Quite a task considering the size of the eggs. We have already eaten some. They are like a chicken eggs, only a lot smaller. I once raised quail and pheasants. I ate the eggs from both then. Both same as chicken eggs.

A McDonalds!!! Well kind of. They sell the McDonnald's ice cream only. This one is at our palengke, the second photo is at the Bacoor SM mall. Needless to say, Sister P and I like this concept....a lot.

This photo is from a few days later at a dinner appointment. This is Jack fruit. We have never eaten it before, but it is great. I think it has a bubble gum taste to it. The fruit before being cut looks like a vegetable porcupine. 

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