Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mission Tour 3-17-2015

Last week, March 10, 11 & 12' we had an member of the First Quorum of he Seventy come and tour our mission for three days. His name is Elder Echo Hawk. Yes, Elder Echo Hawk. He is of American Indian blood, the Pawnee tribe. What's a interesting man. He joined the church as a teenager. He also played football at BYU. He taught law at BYU, and was also asked to head an agency for the federal government. He showed us some photos of himself and his family. As a young man he looked like an American Indian, very dark skinned with black hair. He told us he had become lighter as he got older. He really could pass for a white man. Those who know of the promise will know what happened here.
He is also part of the Area Presidency over the Philippines, which includes the 21 missions here.

Elder Echo Hawk is the one on the left. He is standing by his wife, who is also a convert. The other couple is Elder and Sister Tye, our Mission President.
There were two Missionary meetings during this tour, half of the missionaries one day and the other half the next day. Sister Petersen and I were at both because of things we were doing to help. Sister Petersen took photos at both. I helped where I could. Elder Echo Hawk asked me to play prelude music with one of my flutes on the second day. Fun, but a little frightening. 

Day one. The camera was on a timer. That is why Sister Petersen is in the photo. I actually got to see her run.

Day two. I love all of these young missionaries.

Elder Echo Hawk told us that he was working in the missionary committee in Salt Lake City when the missionary age change happened. He knew the announcement was going to be made, but he could not say anything to anyone including his wife. He said that the committee was working fast and hard to prepare for the change. Our mission is a result of this change. He gave these numbers. There were 2019 missionaries in the Philippines in October, 2012 when the age change was announced. As of January 1, 2015, there were 4793 missionaries. Big increase. At that time, there were 1805 Philipino missionaries working in the Philippines. As of January 1, 2015, there were 3223 Philipino missionaries, and they are wonderful people. I really love this people. I did the math and 67% of the missionaries working in the Philippines are Philipno. And not all of the Philipinos stay in the Philippines. I was looking at the missionary roster for one of the Stskes here. Some were assigned to other areas of the world. One was even in the Las Vegas Mission. One last number that I remember, Elder Holand has projected that by 2019 there will be 100,000 missionaries serving for the Lord. Hope I remember all of this correctly.
Some other photos of this mission tour.


Going into the meeting. Taking the opportunity to shake hands with Elder Echo Hawk.

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