Sunday, March 1, 2015

Taal Volcano 2/28/2015

Saturday was our prep day. We have been talking about visiting the Taal Volcano which is south of us by the borders of our mission. We got permission to go, so we got up early and started out. This will also help us to better understand the lay out of our mission. We will be traveling through some areas that heretofore have just been names on paper.
We drove to the city of Tagaytay, which is close to the volcano. We had heard about a park called "People's Park", that is located just east of Tagaytay. We went looking for it and soon found it. Here are some of the photos from this adventure....

This is Taal Lake, that is Volcano Island, and that is the Taal Volcano. These photo were taken from the People's park and from the city of Tagaytay.

The people are so friendly. We had a lot of people who wanted to visit. Here are some....

We offered this man some money to take his photo, but he refused to take the money. He was happy to have us take his photo.

These were some of the member of the church that we met and talked to.

Next, a stop at a open air fruit market...

Flower shop. Could not get it all in the photo, not even half.


  1. Looks like great pineapples and bananas.

  2. Really pretty!!!!! Brady said bananas at the fruit stands reminds him of Peru. The people really do seem like the most humble and nicest people.