Friday, March 6, 2015

More everyday life 3-7-2015

I say a lot about traffic here. It is a big part of our daily life. Traffic in Las Vegas is boring. So organized. Nothing to spike your adrinalin, like seeing cars coming at you in all the lanes on the road. White lines are for decoration only, and the government does not put up stop signs. It would be a total waste of tax payers dollars. 
This is one of my favorites.....

I do not take many pictures while we drive because it is hard to do so from the fetal position. 

This is a "Fish Spa". There are lots of them here. People actually put their feet in fish tanks filled with fish, baby Paranna I think, and let them gnaw the goobers of their feet.

Who in their right mind would do this?

It feels like little electrical shocks. Do not think this will happen again.

This is our office...

It was the old church house. WoĆ¼ld be way, way to small now.

We were invited out to a member's house to eat. Our first, and hopefully not our last. What a great experience. This people is really a great people.

Helping teach an English class. The people really want to learn English. It means a better job for them

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  1. Oh goodness, it gives me the "willies" seeing these pictures of the Fish Spa and Dennis actually tried it !! YUK!! Did Diana try it? So fun to see your photos and hear of your experiences. God bless you both!