Thursday, February 5, 2015

End of first week.

We have had to adjust fast. Transfers are soon. Transfers are a big deal for us. A lot of the work we will be doing is to support transfers. We get new missionaries and missionaries go home during the transfers. Plus, missionaries move around within the mission. We are learning fast. We have had to.
Today after we came home we walked into Malino to one of the market places. Part of it was an open air meat market and fish market. Interesting combination of smells coming from everywhere. I would attach photos, but I did not think it wise to take my iPad along with us. We are feeling more confident, but we still do not known the culture well. When I feel more secure, I will go back and take pictures.
There somebody great houses in our area, and there are some dumps. They use all of the land they have. High fences and barbed wire are not uncommon. 

This house is right across the street from us. We enter our court yard through a little gate that I almost need to crawl through.

Breakfast with milk that we buy un-refrigerated. It is good, but it took some getting used to. I am sure they have regular milk somewhere here, but this boxed, un-refrigerated milk is what is common. We are not here to be spoiled Americams. We are going to live as 

This is not rush hour. This is light traffic.

Our battery went dead in our car. We went to the Motolite to get the battery. They are almost an open market store. About the size of a closet. They did the job however. 
The adventure continues.

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  1. You really need to install the "Smell-A-Rama" app on your iPad when you record a walk through the meat market.