Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ward Choir 2-7-2015

One of the wards we attend had their Ward Conferance today. That means the Stake Presidency were there. All of the leadership in this Ward and all of the Stake people that we saw are native Philippinos. These are strong units. 
Anyhow, we were recruited to sing in the Ward choir. I could not help but show Sister Petersen's choir attire.

So cute. The songs are sung in English. I love to pause and Liston to the people sing. I love their accent. The vowels are pronounced differently in Tagalog than they are in English, so in many cases, they sing the English words using the Tagalog anounciation. I love it. I love these people.
After the meetings were over, the Ward had a luncheon for the members. We were invited. Sister Petersen brought brownies. We set the plates of brownies on the table. I heard some one whisper "brownies!". Before we got through the line, they were all gone. We were treated to a wonderful lunch. I  didn't know what some of the things I ate were, but i'm very OK with that. The food was all way to wonderful. I can feel my resolve to loose weight while on our mission teetering a little.
Now, tonight's Departing Missionary Fireside. We have 5 Elders and 6 Sisters going home this coming week. I was tiold that these Firesides are fairly new to our mission. What a wonderful idea. The fireside was held in the new Bacoor Stake center. The chapple was almost full of people to honor these young missionaries. These are people who's lives have been touched by these 11 missionaries in one way or another. I tried to show in the following photo the number of people that were there. However, I failed. There were a lot of people through out the building.

This is our Mission Preident, President and Sister Tye. There is no doubt in my mind why the Lord called this couple to do this work. These are wonderful people. I can't say enought good about them.

This fireside is the furthest we have traviled on our own. Sister Petersen said she was born to drive in the Philippines. She is right. She did a great job, and nothing died. However, I am sure that if she goes home to Las Vegas and drives like she did tonight, she will be arrested.

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  1. What are you guys talking about! I think the red scarf looks kinda nice! ;)