Sunday, February 15, 2015

Exploring our mission 2/14/2015

This Saturday, which is our preparation day, we decided to take a look at some of our mission. This was fine with our President as long as we did not go out of our mission. Our mission is not very big. But with the traffic the way it is, driving across it can take a long time. 
We decided to go south. Manila is north. We have already seen some of this area. So we set our sight south. We had learned about some waterfalls called the Malibiclibic Falls. So we drove south to the Naic area. There are no signs telling us where the falls are. We sort of knew where we should go, but we never found the falls. Out side the city, the people do not speak much English. We followed what directions we had, but failed. However, we had a great time and saw things we wanted to see.

Rice fields!!!

Harvesting the rice.

This one made Sister Petersen day,


What we did find.

Did you see the Water Buffulo.


  1. Wow that is really just so cool! How exciting for you guys. You know when we went to avenue Itsly the saying is to get lost in Venice... And honestly you have no choice. You WILL get lost there but we saw things we never set out to see and it was some of the best days on our trip. How fun to experice a different part of the world. I bet my mom was just dying to take those pictures. And I really like the Jesus peeking his head up in the last picture ;) love to guys!

  2. *And that was Venice, Italy.... Not avenue Itsly