Sunday, February 22, 2015

Every day life 2-22-2015

I thought that I would show some photos I took while we were going about our every day business. We are getting used to the traffic and congestion. Getting around is not that bad if you understand how traffic works here. There is no road rage. People just calmly work together to get where they need to be. Our mission area is small, that there are lots of people in it.  So here goes.....

This is in the S&R Store in Imus. These stores are a lot like Costco or Sam's in the US. You can buy the same stuff here as you can home. The prices are about the same. It took me awhile to get used to the Pacos. 1000 Pacos is about $25.

Getting to Imus is another story. We pass through some older areas with tight streets. Here are some random photos of "The Road to Imus".

One persons trash is another persons treasure. This is an old bed someone has thrown in a open lot. It is a little hard to see, but there were kids lined up to jump on it like a trampaline. Kids will be kids. Their play knows no language differences.

Speaking of kids, this "Lego Station" is in one of the mauls. The buckes are for gathering up logos. But kids will be kids

Our street.

People put their roosters out on the streets for display. There is a short rope tied to a leg to keep them from running away. We have even seen them out on the major streets in the down town area, even in front of the Mission Office. 
I think cock fighting is not leagal. I do not know why these roosters are displayed. I think they are for sale, but am not sure. Anyway, we wake up each morning to a chorus of roosters crowing. I was told these roosters are not good to eat. They are pumped full of stuff.

I know none of these photos are very impressive, I wanted to show what we see day by day. 
The people are wonderful people for the most part. Many are poor, but hard working and happy. Maybe hard working and happy go together. They also are innovative. They make do with what they have. When I first got here, I would laught to myself about some of the things I would see. Now, I find myself respecting them for what they are able to do with what they have. And the government lets them be improvise. The people of the Philippines have more freedoms by far than we in the US do. We are so regulated that we could not do these things. I do not have photos of the things I have seen. However, here is one vendor on his way to market with his Tricycle full.

Hope you all have a great day, and God bless you.

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