Sunday, February 1, 2015

Settling in 2/2/2015

I have not been able to write anything for a few days. Out of WiFi range when I have time to post, and am too busy when I have it. We are here and we are trying to settle in. We need to learn the language, the culture, our mission rules and duties, missionary names, member names and how to get around the cities. The traffic is nothing short of demolition derby on steroids. 
We spent a half day in the office training. The rest of the day was getting our drivers liciences. That was an experience in and of itself. We had one of the APs there to guide us through the maze. He was great. He got us through with our liciences on one day, which is unheard of. He found a new contact in the process. When I went to get my liciences photo, the camera was pointed at about my belly button. The guy kept waving for we to get lower. I would equate some more, and he would wave some more. I was almost setting before he could take the shot. I wasn't sure I was going to get up again. We have a car now and have driven. I do not know how I got my licience. I failed the eye test miserably. I had to guess because I could not see. The man doing the test said I needed glasses. I guess he didn't notice that I was waring glasses already. I didn't point that out, but he passed me.

    New Philippine drivers licience.

    First drive in Phillipino traffic.

Saturday we drove to Bacoor City to the grand opening of the nes Stake center. We rode over with another Senior Couple, the Rigbys. They have been wonderful to us. They helped us settle in to our apartment, and took us so we could shop for stuff we needed to stock the apartment. 
We were treated like rolyity when we arrived. They gave flowers to the Sisters and blue ribbons with flowers to Elder Rigbe and I. When the service started they asked us to set on the stand, not sure why. 
The new building is great.
    Open house for the new Bacoor Stake Center.

    Our hot water heated. Works great. We only have hot water in the shower. If we want it else where we heat it.

    Water filter system. Few can not drink the water unless it is filtered. We drink, wash dishes, and cook with the water from this system only.

    Our fly swatted.

Sunday was our first day in church. We are going to attend two wards, Malino 1st and Malino 2nd wards. Again, we were treated royalty. We were asked to come bear testimony in both wards. I spoke Taglish. I think I amused them, but did not offend any one. 
These Saints are a wonderful people. Humble and loving.

    Our new building. The chapel is on the second froor. These are both big strong wards.


  1. Yay! Sounds like you are doing great!

  2. Awesome, Looks like a ton of fun

  3. That's awesome! So many fun new things.