Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Jeepney ride 2/10/2015

This post is about our Jeepney ride. What is a Jeepney? This is a Jeepney.

Not the truck, the other one. These things are as thick as flies here in the Philippines. It is most likely the most used form of transportation. Our missionaries use them a lot. It usually cost about 8 PHP per ride. That is somewhere around a quarter.

There are also Tricycles.

These are a little more expensive, but will give you a little more customized ride.

Well, Sister Petersen decided that we needed to ride a Jeepney. I must admit, I was courous as well. We talked our training Elders into going to lunch with us via Jeepney. It took us awhile but we finally found a Jeepney that was going our way that wasn't already jammed clear full, so we got on. We noticed that the other people let us go on first. I thought it might be some kind of white privilege thing, which I want no part of.  But our Elders explained that it was because of our age. Older people are respected here. They even have special checkout stands in the bigger stores for Senior citizens.  I am ok with that. After all, being old needs to be good for something.
These Jeepneys have two branches, one down each side of the interior. I soon found out that these vehicles were not designed for extra tall, slightly over weight bald Americans. I bent over as far as I could with my knees bent also, and my back still rubbed against the roof. I set down only to find that they were way too short for me. My head was calked at what felt like a 90 degree angle. We were the first on an empty Jeepnet, so we scooted to the front. But it soon filled clear full. Then I was time for us to get off. Now I was bent clear over with my knees bent as far as they could go and allow me to walk, with the legs of the other passengers protruding into the aisle. It wasn,t pretty. Before I could get clear off, the passengers began to laugh. I could still hear them laughing a half block away. I discovered one thing however. The Philippinos laugh in English. I vowed right then and there that I would never get on one of those contractions ever again. But we needed to get back to the office. 
After lunch, we debated what to do. We thought of riding one of the tricycles, but our Elders assured us that would be worse. I took their word for it. So back onto a Jeepney. However, this time I sat as close to the back a I could. When we got to the office, I was so bent over that I sat down and scooted off on mt bottom. Again, laughter, in Eniglish mind you. But because I am old, I'm am sure they were laughing at me in a most respectful way.  So ended my first, and most assuredly my last Jeepney ride.

However, lunch was great. 


  1. I love your Jeepney story. Looks like lunch is served with Coke (??) Do they give you ice in your drinks?: It is fun to follow your blog. God bless you both !!

  2. I about die laughing reading this. Brady kept asking what I was laughing at. Before I got down to the pictures I was just imagining all of this in my mind. Hahahaha sounds like an embarrassing yet fun experience. I am sure you will have lots of those but that's the fun in an adventure such as this!