Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The 5000 2-18-15

We are starting to settle in. The cultural change was a shock to our system. But we are adjusting. We live in their country, we are going to do things their way. We are even getting used to the traffic. We have actually found that it is easier to get around here than it was in Las Vegas. The driving is crazy, but it is slow speed crazy. And the people are patient and respectful. This is why it works. People will stop and let you do what you need to do. Driving in Las Vegas is also crazy, but it is high speed crazy, and the drivers are not patient nor courteous. Your chances of getting killed are much higher there.

I have dropped 3, going on 4 notches in my belt since I got here. Sister Petersen thinks I may have picked up a little friend or two in my body. If i did, I'm keeping him. This is the best weight loss program I have ever been on. But actually, I think it is the rice. I feel full when I eat rice, which is a lot, so I do not eat near as much. Either way, I'll take it. However, we know we can not be careless. We know of the consequences of foolish choices in what we do and what we eat or drink. So we choose carefully what we eat and where we eat out. And we choose carefully what we take home. 

Now, on another note. I have been thinking a lot lately about the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand. This story is found in all four of the gospels in the New Testiment. This miracle of Jesus has become my favorite. This is because I think I am starting to understand it. The thumb nail view of the story line. Jesus is in a desert place with this large group of people consisting of 5000 men plus women and children. His deciples want Him to send them away so that they can find food. But He tells them feed the people. All they have is five barley loaves and two small fish (most likely these fish were dried and salted). These five loaves and two fish were only enought to feed a a few people, not nearly enough to feed 5000 plus. In the Mathew version, He told His deciples to "bring them thither to me". The scriptures say that He blesses them and broke them, and then he did something that is not written down, but is quite obvious, he multiplied them. The five loaves and two fish fed all of these people and there were twelve baskets left over. I doubt that the original loaves and fish would have filled these twelve baskets. 
So what is there to be learned from this Miracle? Why is this story, and the related story of the feeding of the 4000 thousand, (with similar results) included in the scriptures in such a prominent way?
I am starting to believe that this story is not about giving people bread, I believe it is about giving people the Bread of Life. Jesus called Himself the Bread of Life. He told us that His grace is sufficient.
I believe that this miricle helps us to understand just how sufficient His grace really is. 
I am trying to do the very best I can to do the things the Lord has told us to do. But spiritually, I only have the equivalent of five loaves loaves and two fish. I need much, much more. In my mind, I can hear the Lord ask me what I have? I only have five loaves and two small fish. "Bring it thither unto me", He says. He will bless, He will break and He will multiply. Then I can have enought and to spare.
Please understand this is not about a free ride. He requires all of my loaves and fish, not part. I give all I have, His grace makes it enought. This is what this miricle of the five loaves and two small fish means to me. The miricle of feeding the people the real bread is pale when compared to what it's spiritual implications are for me, and for the rest of mankind. Those who will bring their loaves and fishes to Him. His grace is saficient. 

To our family, we love each of you. God bless you.

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